Owens Supply Company has been serving the Southeast for over 60 years.  Opening the doors under the name of Shuman Building Supply in 1948, Jack Shuman saw a need to carry the building materials that were required for moving housing into Fort Stewart.    Located 4 miles east of Pembroke on Hwy 280, Shuman Building Supply served as a distribution point for over 20 building material centers in the Southeast. The Southeast District covered Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, and Tennessee.  In 1963, Harry Owens bought into the partnership with Jack Shuman forming Shuman-Owens Supply Company.  3 locations were opened under this name (Pembroke, GA, Savannah, GA, and Columbia, SC).  The Pembroke location continued to serve as a distribution point for the Southeast.

In 1976, Owens’ daughter and son-in-law, Terry & Marcia McCoy, joined the business.  In 1985, Harry Owens took sole ownership of Shuman-Owens Supply Company in Pembroke, GA and Columbia, SC.  Harry Owens and brother Herbert, owned a location in Ridgeland, SC and Savannah, GA.  Years later, the Columbia location was sold to its manager, Thomas Bacon, of Pembroke. It continues to operate today under the Bacon Family along with a location in Denmark, SC.  The new Talmadge Memorial Bridge was built over the Savannah location forcing it to close its doors.  Herbert retired from the business upon closure.  Ridgeland was sold to younger brother, Richard Owens. Owens Supply Company in Ridgeland proudly operated from 1973-2011.

In 1995, Harry Owens retired and moved the business to the present day location at 769 East Bacon Street in Pembroke, GA.  Harry Owens turned over ownership to his daughter, Marcia McCoy.  Marcia and her husband, Terry McCoy, are both active in the business today.  After graduating from The University of Georgia in 2005 and 2007, the two oldest children, returned to work for Owens Supply Company.   At present all 3 of Terry and Marcia’s children, including 2 spouses, are actively employed at Owens Supply Company.

In 2007, the 3rd generation, Tiffany Walraven & Hannah DeLoach, formed the Kitchen, Bath, & Interiors Division at Owens Supply Company.  They have carried the business to a new level, offering custom kitchen, bath, flooring, and paint designs at affordable prices.  In 2011, the Exporting & Logistics division was formed by Terry McCoy and son Jordon McCoy, to service the needs of consumers and businesses worldwide.

Most importantly, Owens Supply Company was formed to service our community’s needs.  Furthermore, we owe our existence to the Lord Jesus Christ and look to Him each day to carry us forward in our business and ministry.  We use our business as a testimony of faith.